Here you will find some links to other web sites that I've found useful or that are somehow related to me.
Each link comes with a logo of the respective web site, a title, and a short description thereof.

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cuni logo   Charles University in Prague    (Czech/English)
With its foundation in 1348 this is the oldest University north of the european Alps. As a major Czech University, it offers high-level education in almost all fields of humanities and sciences.
cvut logo   Czech Technical University
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (largest technical university in the Czech Republic) has the aim of educating new experts in the fields of electrical engineering, telecommunications, automation, informatics and computer science.
ut logo   University of Tsukuba    (Japanese/English)
Tsukuba University is one of the largest Universities of Japan situated at the heart of the Tsukuba Science City. It contains 59 educational and research institutions form the well-known academic city in Japan and offers education for the high-levels of specialist knowledge and education of researchers.


acf logo   Aikido Centrum Fudoshin    (Czech/English)
Home site of my parental aikido club where I've started aikido and I've been practicing at most. One of the biggest aikido clubs in the Czech Republic.
aikikai logo   Aikikai Foundation    (Japanese/English)
The Aikikai Foundation (a.k.a. Aikikai Honbu Dojo) was founded in order to preserve and promote the ideals of the true aikido created by the Founder. As the Aikido World Headquarters, it is the parent organization for the development and expansion of aikido throughout the world
iwama_dojo logo   Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo    (Japanese/English)
Formerly known as "Old Iwama dojo", it was built by the Founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, in 1945. After his death, the dojo was managed and cared for by Morihiro Saito Shihan in the traditional Takemusu-aiki Iwama-style. Now it is open to the public.
saa logo   Aikikai Slovakia    (Slovak only)
Official home site of the Aikikai Slovakia with links to its member clubs, information about seminars, and other.


twmc logo   Tsukuba Walking and Mountaineering Club    (English)
The Tsukuba Walking and Mountaineering Club (TWMC) was founded in May 1998 and has already visited many places in Japan. Its aim is to provide walks at all levels to give everyone the chance to experience the natural beauty of Japan.


japan_guide logo   Japan-Guide    (English)
A huge and exhaustive site about Japan covering comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living, first-hand from Japan.
kishocho logo   Japanese Meteorological Agency - Earthquake Information    (Japanese)
This page is part of the web site of Japanese Meteorological Agency and offers latest information about all earthquakes occuring in Japan.


dpreview logo   Digital Photography Review    (English)
The largest digital photography web site. Covers reviews of digital cameras, testing, comparisons and more. logo    (English)
Started by Philip Greenspun in 1993 to showcase his photography. It has grown into a community of photographers on line that deals with both film and digital photography.
imaging resource logo   Imaging Resource    (English)
Started by Dave Etchells on Aprils Fools Day 1998 to cover digital imaging technology and the latest news.


opera logo   Opera Web Browser    (English)
php logo   PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor    (English)
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. This is the official site.

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